Thursday, March 20, 2014

Border crossing...a quick reference guide

Just a few thoughts...
#1. Bring cash.  It costs money to cross the border.  I didn't know this, but brought cash anyway.  You will have to pay to exit the country you're in AND to enter the one you're going to. 
#2.  Be prepared to show any and all available identification, including driver's license, car insurance card, registration, passports, etc.
#3.  Be prepared for someone to make a mistake that might freak you out when you go to exit or enter the country and the guard sends you right back to the building for a new/another form.  Pray you get the "golden ticket" (see pic below) that will get you through every part of the border crossing process.
#4. special reason - I just figured it might help.
#5.  If they border guards are chatty - chat back.  It's got to be preeeettty boring sitting in a little shack all day looking at passports and visas.
#6.  Be ready to stop at police checkpoints...for no special reason....and be ready to be a littttttle freaked out when you pass the hummer with machine guns on top and men ready to go at a moment's notice. ;)
#6.  Remember it's an adventure and go with the flow :)

THE Golden Ticket

We sat in line for about 30 minutes and then were waved on through without checking us.  This was the only time we didn't get checked.  Every time it was a bit intimidating, but we weren't worried.  All in the name of adventure!!

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