Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time is fleeting...IMPACT

I can't believe we're in 3Q already. My kiddos this past week drove me was an every other day sort of thing. One day they were near perfect, the next day I had 22 little eye-bulging, mouth foaming, wiggle-worming, volcano-mouthing, 6 year old monsters in my class. Then they'd be perfect, then nutso again. I can't keep up with that kind of change, I'm too old! lol So, Friday at 4:35pm I did what any nearly driven insane teacher would do, hit Lola's for some adult beverages (aka Sangria - thank you Leslie for my new FAVORITE drink) and good conversation. I may have to make that an every payday sort of thing.

No reallllly funny stories this week, I mean there were little ones, but unless I had an audio recording system in my classroom running all day long, I would NEVER remember all the little, funny things they say. Occasionally, I'm able to write them down throughout the day, but this wasn't one of those weeks. The funniest thing that I remember was said by a boy named "W"...he said, "Ms. Eklund, you're so funny, you make me want to slap my knee (and he slaps his knee)." hahahaha

Other than that, I'm really tired, moreso this year than last year at this same time in the school year. The extra 70 minutes a day our school board implemented is killing teachers spirits, energy as well as the same for our students. My fear is that at the end of this school year, the growth they so desperately wanted these extra 70 minutes to achieve, will not be there. Who knows what they'll do then?? I teach all the core subjects in the morning, because if I had ANY in the late afternoon, my students would fail miserably. They're tired and cranky and restless and want to go home. I was actually asked this week if I wanted to teach extended day (as in an additional 60 minutes on top of the 70)...I laughed in the person's face, literally thinking she was kidding, then quickly apologized when I saw that she wasn't. I explained myself, that I thought she was joking, and we both laughed about it. My answer was "No." But you probably guessed that already. Now we have a three day weekend and I would LOVE three day weekends every weekend. If the extra 70 minutes per day would have meant three day weekends every week, I'd love it. =) My kids would be stoked beyond measure as least we'd have something positive to look forward to and I might actually get a 2 day weekend instead of a one day weekend, knowing that my entire Sunday is spent lesson planning and grading anyway.

So - my goal this weekend is to rest, relax and go into next week with a more positive attitude about things. =) I had a pleasant conversation with my HR person this week which helped me realize that I am at least appreciated and valued. I hope all the teachers in our district feel this way...but I doubt it. I think I have it better than most. I have a principal I love (and who goes above and beyond to help insulate my school and teachers from a lot of district "stuff", which she probably gets the flack for doing), a school I adore and three years worth of kiddos I've taught that I absolutely, without question, lovvvve to pieces. When I see their bright, shining faces every day, they are what reaffirms me, what keeps me going, and what fills my heart with joy and love for my job. When they walk by me and give me the sign language sign for "I love you" that I teach all my classes, I know that I made an impact. When they jump out of line, at the risk of getting in trouble, to come give me a hug and share some new nugget of learning with me, I know I made an impact. THEY are the reason and when I remember this...when I remember the TRUE reason I'm a teacher, the rest of this bullsh** fades away and I'm able to teach again with the passion that I started with.

Sounds like I'm already recharging...ahhhhhh