Thursday, March 26, 2009

training...and students who miss me...

So, we've just gotten back from a two week Spring Break and on my second day back I had to go attend two full days of training. By the time I returned this morning, my students were missing me pretty are some of the things they said. Just total reinforcement as to why I have the BEST job in the world!!!

"Ms. Eklund...I missed you so much, I thought I was going to die."
"Ms. Eklund, can I stay in 1st grade forever? I miss you so much when you're gone!"
"Ms. Eklund, can I live with you so I can see you every day??"
"You are more beautiful today, than I remember."
"Will you come to my house tonight and watch a movie? I missed you so much."
"Ahhh...Ms. Eklund, you're the best teacher EVER! Mr. B (the sub) is funny, but you're better than he is."

Seriously...they may be stinkers sometimes, but man...I love these little ones. =) I'm so proud of how they're doing and how much they've grown. It's weird to think I only have 8 weeks left with them!

Kissing and "killing"...a first grade love story...

So I had one of my students C. come in this morning and tell me that he wants to “kill” another student, J., in our class. Long story short, he wants to “kill” the boy who pushed him out on the playground. The reason the boy pushed him is because C. was trying to kiss a girl and J. pushed him to make him stop!! =) After a long talk with C. (in front of his Dad) about all the things wrong with the word “kill” (the whole "threat" thing and how it's a very serious word and all that) it looks like now I’ll have to have another chat (as in we've had this conversation twice already this year) with him about NOT KISSING GIRLS! I talked to J. about how you can't push kids and we worked on some other methods of stopping the kissing, should it happen again. But he said he "just really wanted to play with C. and C. wanted to kiss a girl rather than play with me!" (poor thing) So, I just went and found the Kinder girl C. was trying to kiss and had a chat with her about kissing and how she’s not allowed to kiss anyone until she’s 30 years old. I made her repeat it over and over and then asked her again how old? She says, “50!!!”. I told her that would work too =)

I don't ever remember kissing ANYONE in first grade...and not even 2nd grade...but I did get "married" in 2nd grade to Erik Knutsvig...I still have the ring! We would hold hands across the aisle between our desks. But ewww...we never kissed! How times have changed!