Thursday, January 8, 2009


One of my male students (A) was in the bathroom for a really long time (at least 10 minutes), so I sent another student (J) to go check on him.  J comes back from the bathroom and says, "Man, Ms. Eklund, it was REALLY stinky in there...but he says he's almost done."  So, another couple of minutes goes by and A comes back to class and says, "I was in there for a long time, because I had to go poopy and it wasn't coming out very fast."

As hard as I tried to keep my composure, I couldn't take it and I just put my head down on my desk and laughed.  Then J comes back up to me and says, "Mrs. Eklund, he shouldn't have said 'poopy', everyone knows you should just use numbers, you know - like #1 and #2...pee and poop."  While he was saying this he put up his fingers, but put up the wrong number of fingers for each one.  (he really is smarter than that...)

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday =)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And today's priceless word is....

Here is a wonderful story written by one of my first graders.  He's writing about a time when he learned something.

"My story is about cunting.  I learn to cunt so wen I gro up I no how to cunt and so I cunt evry day.  I can cunt by ones and fivfs.  I cant cunt by thres.  It makes me feel happy, becuse I like cunting."

(and for those of you who can't read his first grade is the translated version)

"My story is about counting.  I learn to count so when I grow up I know how to count and so I count every day.  I can count by one's and five's.  I can't count by three's.  It makes me feel happy, because I like counting."

Seriously...fabulously hilarious. =)

Monday, January 5, 2009


"Mrs. Eklund??"
"Yes, sweety?"
"Did you know my boss, James J., eats ladybugs?"
(stifled laughter) "Umm, no honey, I didn't know that. Why does he eat ladybugs?"
"He just likes them...they're crunchy."
(again, stifled laughter) "Oh, well I can see that...but don't they make him sick?"
"Yea - he was up ALL night throwing up, but he's better now."
"That's are you going to eat ladybugs??"
"No...everyone knows you aren't supposed to eat ladybugs."
(everyone except his "boss" apparently....)

Welcome back to me! =) Today was a great first day back, full of hugs, "I love you's", "I reeeeeeaaaallly missed you Mrs. Eklund", "Can you come to my house for a movie??" (not tonight honey) - "Well, are you EVERRRRR going to??", and smiles for miles. My kids were wonderful and eager to learn, which is probably due in part to their extreme lethargy today...they were tired little wee ones this morning...bags under their eyes and everything!! ;-) But, I'm excited for what this term will bring. I'm sure it will be full of more funny stories!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!